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Creating a unique, permanent place for those left behind to connect and remember helps you to find comfort long after the funeral. Such a special place helps everyone to heal, and move forward.

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    An Unfailing Place of Healing

    In our modern society, people aren't given enough time to grieve their losses. The pressures of both work and financial concerns can bring the bereaved back into the fast-paced working world far too soon.

    Having a dedicated permanent place - in a cemetery, mausoleum, cremation garden or underwater burial reef - which can be visited regularly by family and friends is an essential part of the time following a death. Such a location is a focal point of memorialization. It provides a consistent place to go to remember your loved one, and to commemorate important occasions. It can certainly help to make a birthday or anniversary less painful.

    Such permanent place to reflect on your loved one can become a way of connecting to your family's past. Visiting the resting place of extended family members will provide children and future generations with a memorable link to their personal history.

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