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New Flameless Cremation Option From Anderson McQueen

We believe families deserve choices. That's why Anderson-McQueen Funeral Homes is the area's exclusive provider of Flameless Cremation — a gentle, waterbased process that is even more environmentally friendly than our traditional Flame cremation process. With two cremation options to choose from, we give you the freedom to honor your loved one in a way that's right for you.

  • When Your Choice is Flameless Cremation

    This technology offers families a way to reduce environmental impact even more, with our flameless cremation system. It's an advanced technology that uses water as the main ingredient in the cremation process and cuts energy usage.

  • Commonly Asked Questions

    Q. How does Flameless Cremation take place?
    A. In Flameless Cremation the body is placed in a special cremation chamber that contains 95% water, plus a small amount of a chemical catalyst to help accelerate the process. That solution is heated and gently circulated to begin the cremation process.

    Q. How long does the Flameless Cremation process take?
    A. The average adult body takes roughly 3-4 hours, which is the same amount of time as traditional cremation.

    Q. Why should I choose Flameless Cremation over traditional cremation or burial?
    A. Flameless Cremation is an environmental alternative that uses 30% less energy and releases 75% less carbon dioxide into the atmosphere.

    Q. Can I have a funeral with my body present prior to this process?
    A. Yes. A funeral involving Flameless Cremation will support a viewing/visitation prior to a memorial.

    Q. What is left following the Flameless Cremation process, do I receive any "ashes" back?
    A. Upon completion of the cremation cycle, the ashes are processed and placed in a container (urn) and returned back to the family.

  • Lean More About This Cleaner, Greener Option

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