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Designing Your Funeral

There are two things you need to think about when designing a funeral. First, you must decide how to best help your family and friends share their love and support for you, honor your loved one's life, and preserve their legacy for future generations. Second, you must decide how you wish to care for their physical remains.

Discover Honoring Life
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    How to Honor a Life

    Bringing family and friends together at a time of loss is both a natural thing to do, and an expectation of society. Not only that, you will benefit greatly from their support. Whether in a traditional or contemporary setting, a ceremony brings people together, and helps you to mourn well by shifting the focus off of your loss and refocusing it on honoring the life that was lived.

    You can vary the place of celebration, and time of day it will be held. There are no rules. Our only goal is to help you tell your loved one's unique story, whether it be in a time-honored traditional style or in new ways that more accurately reflect the life being celebrated. We will assist you in designing a memorial experience which will attend to the unique emotional, relational and spiritual needs of each generation in your family and your community of friends.

    We want to meet your needs now, and in the future. After all, you'll need to live with these decisions for a long time. Doing the right thing now can make all the difference in your peace-of-mind through the coming years. The possibilities are inspiring, and virtually endless. Contact us today to discuss your possibilities.

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    Burial or Cremation?

    Now that you've thought about the most appropriate service to honor your loved one's life, your next decision needs to focus on burial or cremation. Many people are quite clear on this point, preferring one over the other. But it can be a sticking point for some families, especially when the wishes of the deceased were never clearly stated. Please know we're able to help you come to a comfortable decision for everyone.

    Once this decision is made, the finer points become clearer. If you've chosen burial, then selection of the casket, vault, and cemetery of interment follows.

    If cremation is the option of choice, then you'll want to make the decision as to whether the cremated remains will be placed in a mausoleum niche, or buried in the cemetery grounds. In some communities, there's the option for a 'green burial.' If that's what your loved one would prefer, we'll help you select an environmentally-friendly choice of casket and location of interment.

  • What's Next?

    Now that we've presented the basics, it's time for you to consider what is appropriate for you and your family.

    If you still need inspiration, our interactive planning tool will show you more of what's possible. Ready to speak with a professional funeral planner? Click here to contact us.

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